The Artists

Bringing together our passion for art, we - a father-daughter duo have found comfort and solace in art, artists, ideas and more. With constant love and admiration for painting, we have grown up with the ideology to paint our hearts out - and have seen this run in our family. Bringing on this platform - our creativity and visual thinking - we find it difficult to combine letters and sentences to talk about how we sanded down that one spot or how we decided the piece was finished - not to mention expressing the larger meanings with decisions, or describing how the work will hum with energy in a viewers living room. But we hope you like what we create and we leave you wanting more. 

With love,

Patwa Arts


Isha Patwa

Founder & Artist

Ever since she was 3 year old, she has been fond of throwing colours on a canvas - intercepting an art form of herself. Today, over 20 years later - she has found herself specializing in different forms of art - ranging from various oil painting techniques like knife and finger techniques to fluid art forms. With an attempt to share her passion, she also holds online fluid art workshops PAN India. In the process of wanting to pursue designing as a career to doodling in between work meetings, her bond with art only grew stronger. Apart from being an artpreneur, she's also a dance choreographer and social entrepreneur along with pursuing a career in Finance - combining various art skills not only on canvases, but in life.


Kirat Patwa


Business man by profession and artist by passion, Kirat has always followed his heart. Specializing in geometrical oil canvas paintings, he has found his comfort zone in oil colours with an attempt to convey a sense of immediacy and harmony through his practiced techniques. With application of strengths of his medium to achieve rich velvety surfaces and crystal clear vibrant hues, his application is confident and full of bravado. With prior experiences of commissioned works of art, Kirat is truly a maestro within himself.